Claire Rowley | About
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Claire is a Comedian, Presenter, Public Speaker and Mentor

Claire Rowley
Quick Wit And Personality

Claire Rowley is a people person whose quick wit and personality make her a popular host at events throughout Cornwall.
Claire has a degree in Drama (BA Hons) from Loughborough University and is a qualified Speech & Drama teacher; she regularly teaches LAMDA (speech & Drama) to students aged from 5 to 25 and can be found teaching in schools, colleges and universities around the South West. Claire is also principal of The Feelgood Theatre Company, which she set up in 2007 and where she has spent her time enthusiastically teaching and inspiring confidence in young people. (See Link The Feelgood Theatre Company – Building Confidence for Life).


Claire is a compere and stand-up comedian who hosts events and comedy nights throughout Cornwall. You can see Claire Rowley at the Old Bakery in Truro where she hosts, ‘The Comedy Cupboard,’ an event which has quickly grown to become the biggest comedy night in Cornwall. If you would like Claire to host your evening, please get in touch.

Public Speaker

Claire is a passionate public speaker and teacher of public speaking. If you need help gaining the confidence to stand at the front of the room or on stage, Claire can help you. Claire runs frequent Public Speaking workshops and one-to-one coaching sessions


Claire has worked as a Broadcast Journalist at Classic FM, Channel 4 FM (UAE) and BBC Radio Cornwall and has over 20 years of experience, both as a Presenter, Producer and News Reader on the airwaves. You can still catch Claire on BBC Radio Cornwall, where she regularly contributes.


Claire Mentors the young & old to be the best they can be. There is no age limit. 'Often people have a mental block about public speaking, but once a person is given the tools to tackle this, they can move forward and flourish'